Feminine Napkins pivots from conventional storytelling and unfolds a poetic blend of residual consciousness and dispositions. At its heart, the film explores the timeless clash between dream and materialist perspectives, navigating through a persistent psyche. Evolving into a study of metaphysics, the film centers fundamental natures of reality and the interconnectedness of mind and matter. This approach interweaves philosophy, psychology, and visual poetry. Each frame captures the dream weaver subtly dancing between time; the visible, and the unseen. Feminine Napkins is an 8mm tapestry that calls upon you to infuse your own interpretation into its fabric thus creating an immersive visual poem that unravels and unveils beyond our everyday perceptions.

Year: 2023

super 8
featured music: 
Indian Summer Of Benazir Bhutto - Muslimgauze
Historyjka - Księżyc
Crushed Cream - CS + Kreme

Screened at  510 Oak. Eugene, OR. 2023
Screened at Turn, Turn, Turn. Portland, OR. 2023