Hali Autumn is a multi-disciplinary artist working across film forms and movement, instrumentalizing allegory and poetic symbology, while exploring human truths and personal mythology. Her preferred medium is film-making, which she uses for the transmutation and translations of these themes. Within her film form, she reflects landscapes and wilderness as a backdrop to mirror the body’s own. Through these metaphors and through the relationship between the world and the body, she finds her threshold. 

There are themes of release between her photography and her subjects, tracing moments of the ethereal and intimate conversations, oscillating between each other in the past and present, as an amplifier. The idea of using constraints–or lack thereof–in her work and the portraits she incorporates, reflect the craft and history of early modernist dance which continues to inspire her research.

She lives in Portland, Oregon and is currently working towards a BFA in Intermedia and a minor in Photography at Pacific Northwest College of Art.